11 Years of Noise Terror: How One Man Holds a Hougang Block Hostage

Over 80% of Singapore population lives in high-density public estate. This has become our way of life, our culture and identity. While most of us are able to live in harmony with each other and in many residential estates, communities are formed to help one another.

However, in many instances, there are residents who terrorize their neighbors and even the whole neighborhood. The National Solidarity Party is brought to notice on another case at Ang Mo Kio GRC, which has held the community hostage without repercussion. It is unimaginable to be living under constant harassment especially mental harassment in your own home, the place of solace and respite from the stress brought about by the high costs of living in Singapore.

Is the PAP government really helpless as mentioned in the article or they are unwilling to make the difference to improve the quality of life in the affected districts?

When comes to implementing controversial laws such as “The Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Act 2019” and the creation of Group Representation Constituencies (GRC) for the General Elections, the PAP-controlled Parliament can quickly and easily ram them through.

The National Solidarity Party questions whom are the PAP serving?

Image: Zat/Rice Media

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