Many countries have been taking drastic steps to curb rising prices and satisfy the mysterious increase in domestic demand. The cooking oil export ban from Indonesia and now the chicken export ban from our immediate neighbour, Malaysia.

The National Solidarity Party questions Minister Grace Fu, who is in charge of Singapore Food Agency on her plans for food security, which should be in place at the start of the Covid 19 crisis.

Amid the lack of information, NSP would like to post the following questions to the relevant authorities :

1. Should Singapore-owned chicken farms in Malaysia be exempted from such a ban from Malaysia government?

2. Is it as simple as what SFA said in their reply to media that stakeholders can easily activate their supply chains to increase imports of chilled chickens from alternative sources, increase import of frozen chicken from non-Malaysia suppliers, or draw from their existing stock of poultry?

3. How is the agency going to protect consumers from the impact of such a sudden export ban from Malaysia? Will the prices be moderate by the government or the agency is washing its hands off and leaving to the market to deal with the shortage of supplies? What will be the PRICE?

4. Is our much touted Food Security game plan as robust as boasted by Minister Chan Chun Sing?

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