Four Singapore opposition parties – National Solidarity Party (NSP), Red Dot United (RDU), Singapore People’s Party (SPP) and Singapore United Party (SUP) – have come together in a non-formal partnership called “The Coalition”.

They announced the move in a media release on Saturday (28 October), saying that it is driven by a shared commitment to the principles of “support, synergy and respect”, and to be relevant to Singaporeans in the lead-up to the next General Election (GE) and beyond.

National Solidarity Party (Singapore)

National Solidarity Party (NSP) believes in a multi-political system that upholds economic progress and nation building as the twin pillars of a strong and vibrant Singapore. NSP pursues rational and responsible politics in the interest of Singapore and Singaporeans

Our Party’s logo, The North Star, represents our unwavering commitment to represent your voice in the Parliament and safeguard your rights in our country.


The main political objective of the NSP was to organise and maintain a democratic movement that would ensure the solidarity and establishment of a just political system and standard of living. The party believed in a multi-party political system so that the rights and interests of the people could be proportionately represented. The NSP also aimed to establish an open and freely competitive economic environment that would provide sufficient opportunities for local enterprises. We continues to strive for these values. It continues to promote the establishment of a multi-party political system as well as a pro-business economic environment.

NSP Timeline for the General Elections

The NSP was founded by a group of middle-class businessmen and women on 6 March 1987.

NSP made their political debut in the 1988 general election, and has contested in every election since. NSP also had contested in the 1992 by-election for the constituency of Marine Parade GRC, which was led by then-Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong.

NSP has been contesting in the various GRCs/SMCs since 1988 up till the present time. We will continue to speak up for Singaporeans.

19th Central Executive Council

Reno Fong Chin Leong

Reno Fong Chin Leong

Mohd Ridzwan Bin Mohammad

Mohd Ridzwan Bin Mohammad

Vice President
Spencer Ng Chung Hon

Spencer Ng Chung Hon

Eugene Yeo Ren-Yuan

Eugene Yeo Ren-Yuan

Asst Secretary-General

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